ESDW Quantum Dynamics 2018

This is a private space for the attendees of the workshop.
Most material here will also be made available in the E-CAM space but this space provides the possibility to provide material that is only visible to the attendees.

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Thumbnail of Time in the Born-Oppenheimer approach

Time in the Born-Oppenheimer approach

Presented by Prof. Axel Schild

Thumbnail of The Quantum-Classical Liouville Equation

The Quantum-Classical Liouville Equation

Presented by Prof. Arron Kelly

Thumbnail of Exact Propagation Techniques

Exact Propagation Techniques

Presented by Prof. David Lauvergnat

Thumbnail of Challenges in Quantum Dynamics Simulations

Challenges in Quantum Dynamics Simulations

Presented by Prof. Graham Worth

Thumbnail of Introduction to Git/GitLab

Introduction to Git/GitLab

Presented by Dr. Jony Castagna


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